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Kawasaki Akrapovic Exhaust (10-12)
Non Kawasaki branded product, produced and developed by Akrapovic, fully road legal. Give you..
£1,026.95 Ex Tax: £855.79
Kawasaki Custom Mirrors (07-09)
Convex mirror set, milled of alloy, brushed and anodized. ..
£149.95 Ex Tax: £124.96
Kawasaki Engine Guards (07-09)
The engine guards help to protect your motorcycle, but will not prevent all types of damage. ..
£207.95 Ex Tax: £173.29
Kawasaki Front Axle Sliders (10-12)
Add even more protection with front axle sliders. These axle sliders help to prevent damage ..
£70.96 Ex Tax: £59.13
Kawasaki Handlebar Bridge (07-09)
Anodised with laser engraved Z1000 logo. ..
£58.96 Ex Tax: £49.13
Kawasaki Knee Pads (10-12)
Tankpads (side). Top quality gel-resin self-adhesive tank protector. Semi transparent a..
£25.96 Ex Tax: £21.63
Kawasaki Pillion Seat Cover (11-12)
All factory standard colours available. Replaces the passenger seat. ..
£226.96 Ex Tax: £189.13
Kawasaki Pillion Seat Cover (2010)
Pure visual styling to enhance the sporting appearance of the bike. All factory standard colours ..
£226.96 Ex Tax: £189.13
Kawasaki Tank Pad (10-12)
Top quality gel-resin self-adhesive tank protector including a key fob guard. Semi-transpare..
£34.96 Ex Tax: £29.13
Kawasaki Windscreen (07-09)
Kawasaki Windscreen (07-09) ..
£81.95 Ex Tax: £68.29
Kawasaki Windscreen (10-12)
Scratch resistant spoiler screen designed to reduce wind pressure and to improve aerodynamics. ..
£74.95 Ex Tax: £62.46